I just did!  My very first EVP
the audio is enhanced at the point we pick
up the voice so you can hear it better
Thanks to Brett Pittman for the
footage in this video that was
taken at whispers Estates
The audio was cleaned up the best
we could, but there was a car that
passed by out side and still played
A member caught this faint
apparition at Switzer Cemetery
Switzer Church
Waverly Hills during an over night
with my group
You can hear the spirit box in
the back ground
OK I have never been big on
orbs but some of these were
pretty cool
Orb in the Music room at Old
Bridgeport School 9/15/12
Close up of orb in the Old
Bridgeport School 9/15/2012
Bluegrass Ghost Chasers
Old Bridgeport School
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Due to the privacy of our client we do not disclose pictures or evidence from
investigations with out permission from the client .
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if i hadn't seen these with my own eyes I
would not be posting it
Don't know what caused this but it
is neat