Services We Provide
We offer paranormal investigations to private and commercial properties.
We respect your need for privacy and will not publish our findings or
photographs revealing the location without your written permission.

Our staff will schedule a time to come do a preliminary investigation and walk
through. After reviewing all data gathered we will contact you with all the
information and let you, the client, decide if a full investigation is needed.

Once the investigation is over and after reviewing all data we will then schedule
an appointment to review our findings, either in person or by phone. As the
client, the choice is yours.

We DO NOT charge for any services we offer. However, any and all donations
will be accepted and put towards the purchase of new equipment.

We at BlueGrass Ghost Chasers thank you for your trusting us and allowing us
to come in and help when it's needed.

If we can not help you we will find someone who will.
To set up time for an investigation please contact us.
Please be sure you add you Name, e-mail, phone number, address, and a brief
description of the activity that is taking place.
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brief description
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like us to do an
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